One of the first things that will fail in a disaster is communications. Unfortunately, it is one thing we need most following a disaster.

Most families are separated during the day and sometimes evening. With parents working, kids going to school and their after school activities, we are rarely together at all times. We already know how important it is to have emergency supplies on hand. You should have emergency kits that are ready to grab and go. Most people agree having a supply of food and water for emergencies are a must.  But what about communications?

If disaster strikes, how will you be able to communicate with your spouse or children if the phone lines are down? Establishing a family communications plan now and the equipment to go along with it can help save lives during and after a disaster strikes.

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Kaito Shortwave Radio Antenna kaito voyager radio
Kaito Shortwave Radio AntennaKaito Voyager Emergency Radio

Improves the performance and reception of your shortwave radio Extends to 23 feet and can be easily rewound into its compact case Has 3.5-millimeter mini plug Fits any 3.5-millimeter external antenna jack Includes adapter plug